To describe a film with terms such as “anthology” and “found footage” is very risky, especially within the same context. To throw the genre “horror” on top of it just seems like madness. And that is exactly what you get when viewing this engaging and frightening new indie horror V/H/S.

The “anthology” comes in as the film is shot and put together in several segments with multiple directors/writers including David Bruckner (the very underrated The Signal), Ti West (House of the Devil), Glenn McQuaid (I Sell The Dead), Radio Silence, Joe Swanberg, and Adam Wingard. With so many directors/writers on board with this single project it becomes a very engrossing movie that takes you on a non-stop, mood-ever-changing thrill ride.
The film’s main plot runs around a group of misfits’ search for a certain special VHS, when they go through tape after tape they find out this isn’t any ordinary collection. Every time a new segment started it felt fresh and the main story with the goons unfolding in between became more gripping each time we are taken back. Every segment was different and personal because the characters had control of whatever camera was being used to record on their VHS (hence the “found footage” term coming in).
The film was not only scary, but there was a sprinkle of humor in many places, and they were blended so well that emotions go sporadic when viewing this movie. The scary parts were horrifying and the funny parts were hilarious. There are certain parts that will make you question your morals when you laugh at them. Afterward I found myself wishing I could go through the rest of the untouched VHS’s that were left behind. Then again what is more horrifying than the unknown? If you’re a horror buff (or even if you’re not), you need to see this gem.



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