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I spent a good time working in the music business, I have a lot of friends who are in the music scene, concerts are always a good go to on a Friday night, and everybody knows somebody that can play a guitar. So I’ve often been asked to listen to a “friend of mine’s band’s cd.” Most of the time I shrug it off and go about my business, but when an individual who I respect entirely (’s own Matt Bailey) asked me to give a good old listen to one of his favorite local groups, I was intrigued.

Atlanta has a pretty fantastic independent music scene. On any given night, you can hit up a local venue and see artists depositing their sound into the airwaves. Rockers, rappers, crooners alike fill the houses and bars as they attempt to make a life of their dreams. One of those acts, rising in their popularity, is a group that formed in Statesboro, Georgia a little over seven years ago.  The Rotating Point Source take their name from the scientific phenomenon known as the Doppler Effect, wherein a sound wave’s pitch properties will change dependent on the position of the sound in relation to the listener’s ear. If the source of the sound is fixed on a rotating point, then the resulting sound will have a bizarre and often times “beautiful” effect.

But as poignant and highbrow as the explanation of the name might seem, don’t misconstrue what these four friends represent. They’re a rock group, through and through. And as their first studio album prepares for its release on March 30th, I had the opportunity to check out the cd, and see just what those rock songs sounded like relative to my ears.

The self titled release, which will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other places where music can be found on March 30th (you can never have too many shameless plugs),  features 9 tracks; a collection of what the band considers to be their best work so far.  A raw rock and roll sound, with loose recording techniques, one of the things that makes the cd fun to listen to is that you can hear how “garage band” these guys are. Now, I don’t mean that with any insulting intent. In a world where the majority of music may be considered “over produced,” an atmospheric sound where not everything is perfect, synthesized, auto tuned, or chopped and screwed is a relief. The recording quality reminds me of the Stooges, and it bears the same sort of energy. It feels like I should be throwing back a few beers at a local dive, jamming out to the band as they rock the front row’s faces off. And that’s a feeling I like.

I also like the fact that this band is just plain fun. With a tongue in cheek attitude that is present on many of their tracks, they could potentially best be defined within the punk rock genre, but possess elements of bands like Sublime, Talking Heads, and reminiscent qualities of some nerd-core bands. Pretty catchy melodies, straight forward arrangements, and fun subject matters are key thematics throughout their music. For example, one of my favorite songs, entitled “Dancing with Bullets,” is seemingly a discussion about the end of the world….BY ROBOTS!!! That’s the kind of shit this diabetic likes.

But seriously, it’s probably the best track on the cd.

It’s good.

It’s real good.

I touch myself to…

Never mind.

The sound probably isn’t for everyone. But for people that like music in its most basic form of fun, then this is a cd for you. This band is full of kicks and entertainment; nerdy, but satisfying.

I could do like an arbitrary rating system thing and count how many Mookies I’d give the compact disc, but instead, allow me to give one of the best compliments an artist can receive. Listening to this cd made me want to see these artists live. It left me wanting to see what they were all about. They have an interesting and unique voice, and their music makes me want to jump up and down while my hands make a thrashing motion….and that’s a pretty good review.

The Rotating Point Source’s debut album will be available March 30th on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and Bandcamp! So make sure you check out this friend of mine’s friend’s band.



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