The last 10 days of my life have been extremely spectacular.  I have been hitting up the beaches and nightlife of Aruba and enjoying the brilliance of the culture and influence that it has taken on by its worldly visitors.  Aruba has some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet!!  Live music speckles the nightlife with Latin influenced bands, jazz musicians, a little island beats, and my favorite, classical pianists.  I grew up playing the piano for the first 17 years of my life, so when I hear or see a piano, it reminds me of all the practicing and recitals I have done in my past and love getting my hands on one!

Checking out one of the restaurants on the island, The Sopranos(Just like the tv show, totally a spin off!), one of the oldest and probably most expensive pianos blessed the restaurant(Yes I said blessed!  Pianos are an instrument from Heaven LOL!).  An older gentleman played improvisations of classical pieces from Beethoven and Bach, combining it with a little Latin flair.  The sounds of the piano were mesmerizing and I couldn’t pass up getting my hands on it.  After he finished playing a set and got up for a drink, I walked over and told him how amazing his skills are and asked how long he had been playing.  We chatted it up for a few minutes and he offered to let me play a piece!  I denied the invitation, however he pursued me throughout the night until I agreed to play a song.  I told him I was a little rusty and to forgive me haha!

After I took a stab at playing 2 songs the restaurant goers applauded and he also congratulated me!  The rush of adrenaline flowed throughout my body and reminded me of how much I miss performing.  We both got to talking over a few drinks and he explained to me how he lived in California and had a Piano for Sale in Los Angeles and that the piano was almost 200 years old!  He invited me to come out sometime if I was ever in the area and try it out before it sold!  I bought us another round,shook his hand, and said I just might take him up on that.



I feel extremely lucky to have had that experience to cap off my vacation and feel energized from a week and a half of rest and relaxation.  Today is my last day on this magical island.



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