saw many Animated Shorts at The Atlanta Film Festival 2012.  Here is a review of just a couple with more to come!


Wiggle Room

Wiggle Room is a brilliant marriage between stop-motion animation and time-lapse videography. It is the story of a hungry slug that ventures into a dirty kitchen filled with delightful delicacies. As the slug feasts, the environment changes and his arch nemesis, the salt, shows up. The salt maneuvers through the kitchen as if on a skateboard chasing down the wary slug. The slug tries to avoid the spilling salt with all his might as he slinks across the dusty kitchen floor. He successfully escapes when a new character appears. The pepper! Could the pepper be friend or foe? What is his role in this duel of ancient enigmas? To find out you’ll have to check out Wiggle Room. It’s fun, reflective, and simple. A cool little cartoon you’re sure to love. Both my son and I did.

The Escape of the Gingerbread Man

The Escape of the Gingerbread Man was an excellent story. It was a new adult spin on an old children’s classic. The short cartoon began with two characters seeking out the best storyteller ever. As the old man begins his story the server brings everyone ginger beer to lighten the spirits. The story takes an unusual twist as the greatest storyteller paints a picture of Hansel and Gretel as two raging alcoholics consistently drunk off ginger beer. Turns out that they were kidnapping and killing all the ginger people for beer! But the gingerbread man wasn’t having it. He pulls out his Tommy gun and lays waste to the malicious ginger twins. The story is told swiftly with great zeal although the original patron says it’s pure crap. The old man surely does not lose his throne as the greatest storyteller as the rest of the bar crowds around drinking ginger beer. This short was a great idea and was executed well. Check it out if you get a chance.




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