Remnant was conspired by Penny Dreadful Productions, a local Atlanta SFX house, as they were creating a new line of Steampunk/Post-Apocalyptic fashion.  These creative individuals took fashion designing to a whole new level by creating a steampunk universe in which to display their steampunk influenced products. Many people have been asking, “What exactly IS Remnant?” Is it a movie? A television series? A video game? A music video? And all we can say is that it has the potential to be all the above and more. Remnant is the seed for a new culture of ideas, stories, and manifested collaborations. The Penny Dreadful crew is currently in collaboration with Brothers Young Productions, Dim Horizons Studios, and Amy Houser Illustrations producing gorgeous visual vignettes of the current state of the Remnant World. We’ve posted this collection of current videos for you right here. YOU.MUST.WATCH.THESE. because… REMNANT NEEDS YOU.

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Also, they’re giving away a bad-ass Remnant helmet once they reach 2,500 fans on Facebook… so if YOU want to be the talk of the town during Dragon*con 2012, you best be checking this site out now!

*NEW* Remnant: Brutal From Birth *NEW*

 Remnant Video Player (5 video playlist)

These visual vignettes were written by the Young Brothers, Directed by Matthew Silva, Chance White, Jared Young, Matthew Young and beautifully shot by Director of Photography, Owen Smith.

For more information, check out the Remnant Facebook Page.



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