Atlanta may not be the fashion capital of the world, but with all the designer boutiques popping up in the city, it’s definitely putting itself on the map. Fresh faces in the industry are giving larger franchises a run for their money and at the recent 2012 RAWards semi-finals, one Atlanta designer stood out above the rest .

That designer was Raquel Reed.

Reed brought her talent to the competition and came out on top with her retro Victorian-styled clothing. Reed, founder of the RAQUEL line, a subsidiary of Couture Statis, puts a modern twist on vintage styles to attract contemporary appeal. Why reinvent the wheel when you can put a fresh coat of paint and customize it? She essentially takes classic designs and upgrades them to create the staples in her collection, a collection worthy of a crown – or at least top honors.

The RAQUEL line and it’s founder was one of the many dazzling designers at this years awards and gave Atlanta one more thing to brag about. The competition is stiff and reaching semi-finals is quite an accomplishment for the young creator who started the line in February 2005.

Let’s see what Reed had to say when we got to pick her brain about the contest!

Doobious: Congratulations on coming so far in the RAW Artists competition! How did it feel when you won Fashion Designer of the Year?

RR: I felt an instinct gratification. I was honored and very happy that I won!

Doobious: How did you get involved with the competition?

RR: I was contacted by one of RAW’s representatives they spotted me on Etsy.com. So I was like Wow! Thanks!

Doobious: Have you done anything like that in the past?

RR: Yes, but this was different. It was exciting and very hands on!

Doobious: Your clothes have a very vintage feel to them, what inspires your retro style choices?

RR: Where do I begin…LOL! Let me start out by saying I am very fascinated with the Victorian Period. That period created a way of life from home décor to a style of dress as well as social class. The period was prestige, royalty, grace and just rich out right. And that is where the foundation of RAQUEL THRIVES FROM!

Doobious: How do you manage to contemporize your pieces in such a way that keeps them fresh?Raquel

RR: I really don’t have an answer for that… because when I design I just go in and create what’s lurking in my mind and I make it come to life and it seems to be great?

Doobious: Is there another era you’d like to focus on creating from in the future?

RR: I haven’t thought about it. But my focus lately has been on lines and squares, clean and chic. We’ll see…

Doobious: I’m in love with navy number [pictured on the right] featured on your RAW Artist bio page – where could someone go to pick one of your dresses up?

RR: Well they can order online at www.couturestatis.com or call and place your order at 678-235-4374 or visit us at the loft at 502 Pryor St. Atlanta, GA 30305

Doobious: What’s next for the RAQUEL line?

RR: The sky has no limit! RAQUEL is ready for the world! I plan to do BET Rip the Runway and opening up the RAQUEL store.

Doobious: What does Doobious mean to you?

RR: You guys mean everything to me right now! “All smiles” You guys give us platform to stand on and for the world to see what we do. That’s so great to me! You’re guys are helping us.

Like what you read? Check out the video above of her introducing her brand to the RAW audience!

In case you’re unfamiliar with RAW, take a moment to check out the basics on this fantastic organization:


RAW:natural born artists is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists.

We’re a community made up of creative individuals across the nation.

Our mission is to provide independent artists within the first 10 years of their career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity.

We welcome all genres of art including independent film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, hairstylists, makeup artists and more.

We encourage the creative success of the many visionaries and storytellers of our generation.

RAW currently operates in 54 cities across the United States & Australia and counting …

Source: RAWartists.org



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