Sign-up today to participate in our national day of action by occupying KFC on November 16th. If you aren’t interested in wearing a Colonel Sanders’ costume don’t worry, letter drops are highly encouraged as well! The more stores we go to, the more attention we get from executives at KFC. Thanks for your support… Scot

Like everybody else, we have been so excited to watch as tens of thousands of people have gathered in New York City to occupy Wall Street in peaceful protest of corporate greed.  We have been equally excited to see solidarity occupations springing up across the US and around the world. A movement is emerging that has the potential to shift the frames of what is possible in our fight to protect the people and the planet.  Together, we can proclaim loudly that our society is of and by the people, not corporate interests.

Imagine our surprise then when Colonel Sanders sent us this video from the great yonder expressing his outrage at KFC for producing chicken buckets from endangered Southern forests.  Today, in the spirit of Occupy Wall Street, we invite you to join the Colonel and Occupy KFC on November 16th!

It’s hard to top an invitation from the Colonel himself. So please join Colonel Sanders and Dogwood Alliance staff and activists around the nation in occupying KFC on November 16th. Sign up here today.

On November 16th, we imagine hundreds of Colonel Sanders look-a-likes in grey wigs and mustaches descending on KFC stores across the country in peaceful protest of the company’s continued practice of buying chicken buckets and the rest of their packaging from companies that log endangered forests, ditch and drain swamps, and clearcut forests.

Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to get involved. Whether you want to recruit your friends for a protest with creative costumes and props, pose for a simple picture with a wig, mustache, and sign in front of KFC, or just drop off a letter to the manager, we are ready to support you to make your action fun and powerful!

The Colonel may be part of the 1% but on November 16th he will stand in solidarity with the 99% and Occupy KFC. Will you join him? Sign up and one of our staff or volunteers will be in touch to help you make the most of this fun-filled adventure!

In solidarity,

Scot Quaranda
Campaign Director

PS Please share the video far and wide and for Twitter folks use #OccupyKFC.



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