Although his fundraiser has already exceeded his necessary goal, artist, builder, and makeup effects extraordinaire, Matt Silva of Penny Dreadful Productions is raising money to be FaceOffed with some of the best FX artists in the world! Many of you have checked out his work and know that it is some of the best, if not THE BEST, stuff that comes out of Atlanta. Showcasing his work on his collaboration with the Brothers Young Productions on Remnant and featuring his stuff all over the Walking Dead, it is hard to miss this guys incredibly talented eye for the beautiful, squimish, and insane!

PLUS he is still offering his services if you help support him now! Watch out though because you only have 3 days left to take advantage of these great deals!!

Why is he raising money you ask??

“Here is what all the funds are going towards:
– Help with the cost of One expedited passport(required by the show)- this is a huge cost due to the nature of the fast turn around.
– Cover some of the cost of makeup for my audition tape- The more that is raised the more fantastic I can make my audition tape!
– Help Cover a portion the cost of brush up courses and short term shadowing with some Beauty makeup artists, some hair stylists, and other makeup effects artist.”

Check him out and help support another great Atlanta Artist!!



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