It seems everyone is so infatuated with the concept of the apocalypse lately. Filmmakers have been diving into this fad for years (especially lately) and coming up with all sorts of “what if” scenarios to quench the thirst of human beings with the world’s end on the brain. The most popular “what if” scenario that has been visited time and time again have been, “What if: ZOMBIES!?” But thanks to the past few years in media, that subject has been pretty played out. Don’t get me wrong, zombies are rad and there are still plenty of fans left to keep the genre alive (pun slightly intended). But “what if” something else were to happen that ended our planet earth?

At first glance, the latest comedy starring Seth Rogan, James Franco, Danny McBride, and the rest of the gang doesn’t seem like it would be that impressive. Some jokes here some special effects there. Low and behold there is actually a breath of fresh air to be taken in by this particular apocalyptic film. This Is The End (i.e. “A Pineapple Express spinoff with a shitload of cameos”), is the fourth directed film by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. It does a fantastic job with giving us a different “what if” on top of an outrageously hilarious comedy. With so many serious films in this genre coming out lately it was great to see a newer film that takes a playful kick at it.

It’s a film that should by no means be taken super seriously, but under all the craziness that often crosses the line of tactful is actually a well thought out and executed film. They did a great job taking a unique approach to the world ending scenario they selected and used it to their full advantage in the story. Within all the chaos it flows surprisingly well and the “surprise ending” is pretty hysterical (you’ll more than likely feel the same if you’re between the ages of 21-35).

If you are a fan of “black comedies”, “stoner comedies”, and/or just a fan of the kind of comedies Seth Rogan and the gang are a part of you will not be disappointed. It’s an awesome summer flick that gives you one hell of a fun ride.




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