Atlanta is home to quite a very big club scene. Tho it is no Miami, or Vegas, it draws a larger crowd than Goth nights in Seattle, or Rockabilly nights in Asheville. So my sister asked me to go with her to Opera and attempt to “shake my thing.” I didn’t get the memo on the dress code, and so I failed to just blend in. My wallflower aspirations were crushed by how badly I stuck out among the crowd of women who somehow forgot to put on their clothes.
So I came up with a solution for the social anxiety attack I found myself in. Such a great game that you and your friends can try it the next time you can go out, as I have now concluded it will work in any kind of club in any city.
Here is how you play: 1.) Spot a human with ridiculous dance moves. 2.) Mimic, copy, imitate. mirror your unsuspecting victim’s moves. 3.) Sustain the copying until a person in your party also finds who you are mirroring and joins in the shadow. Then you know that he/she got the joke and play continues to this winner.

This game had me laughing through any uncomfortability and I felt more freed on the dance floor than ever before merely appreciating being human and the art of movement. It is fantastic watching others around discovering parts of their bodies that they didn’t even know they could move. When we got ready to leave I was approached by a woman who said to my uncoordinated and ungraceful self “You are the best dancer in here.” Thank you people at Opera, as I was using your moves to score such a compliment! So if you go out to celebrate tonight and you happen to notice people ripping your moves, take it onely as encouragement and an ode to our ridiculous existence. Or if you find yourself out of place without moves, try this game with your friends!



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