Ohhhh my gooooodness a new(well actually a month old) episode of Gamesies!  I have been super uber busy lately so I apologize for all of the delayed updates.  When mishap happens between Han, Josh, and Blake, Andy goes crazy!  Check out this great episode of everyone’s favorite gaming series and support Atlanta Filmmakers!!


“When Andy’s Wii U breaks, Han, Josh, and Blake have one hour to replace it. Will they pull it off? Plus, Favorite Games of 2012, Wii U Launch Lineup Stand Up, and more. All on Ep5 of Gamesies!

Special thanks Agent Whiskers for doing the music this episode – awesome job as always. Check out his music at AgentWhiskers.com. Thanks to Rising Star Games, our guest stars, ScrewAttack, and all the G1s that contributed to this episode! PS – stick around after the credits for more shocking revelations!”



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