Dance of Hope Fundraising and Awareness Event

Doobious had the opportunity to sit down with the sensational Flamenco dancer and instructor, Rina Menosky, on Sunday, January 29th. The interview took place outside in the midst of Marietta Square with a rather icy chill in the air. She organized the Dance of Hope: Fundraising and Awareness event which will be held on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at the Defoor Centre located in Midtown Atlanta. Rina is part of an international group known as ‘Amigos de Angelita Vargas’ which was originally formed in Seville, Spain. The initial intention for this event was to support the progressive rehabilitation of Angelita, a world renowned Flamenco dancer, who suffered from an unfortunate stroke last year. However, the event evolved into a mulitfaceted occasion which will provide an unforgettable experience. It will serve as a vehicle for spreading awareness about stroke prevention, as well as raise funds for the Shepherd Center of Atlanta. During her researching process, Rina chose the Shepherd Center because of their specialization in the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord and brain injuries.

This event will be one of inspiration and enlightenment. It involves various sponsors and noteworthy motivational speakers. Rina emphasized the importance of a free spirit and how Angelita lived in the moment. She mentioned, “People should feel motivated to live life fully.” By attending this event, you will be learning about and supporting the rehabilitation of Angelita Vargas and discovering ways to free your own spirit!



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