I love ART.  Art fascinates me beyond belief as it is the one commodity that shapes our communities and inspires people to believe that anything is possible.  Our whole civilization is influenced by art, from the computer I am typing on right now to a dentist shaping a tooth, we are all artists and I believe our whole world is run by artists(even though most people think big corporations run the world, did you ever stop to think who they employ with the creative ingenuity to keep their businesses fresh, sharp, and creative?)  Living in Atlanta we are given the opportunity to check out the numerous festivals all around the city that take place every year, however we lack a PERMANENT place where you are surrounded by artists, crafts, and an overall artistic brilliance like the San Pedro Craft Market.  I actually discovered this place by a recommendation from a random person when I was out that way shooting last year.  Now as most of you know I take multiple trips to LA a year to shoot videos and visit friends, and it just so happens that my sister is there shooting as you read this.  Hi Imoto!  (she actually just explored the market for the first time which has inspired me to create this post!)  😀

The San Pedro Craft Fair is strategically placed along side a port in the Los Angeles area.  It is definitely one of my favorite places to visit and spend the entire day at talking to the different artisans about their work and what else they have brewing.  Being surrounded by 100’s of artists who are so dedicated to their crafts brings about a whole new level of inspiration, collaboration, and beauty to my own work.  Great food, live music, and unique one of a kind items flourish all around this monumental World War II era waterside warehouse bringing you an experience long to be forgotten.  I have actually been conspiring to shoot a montage piece with many of the artists(many of my Cali friends have setup shop or know someone who has) that inhabit the San Pedro Craft Market to help showcase their work and the creative genius behind their medium, and the entire market place, to visitors around the world.  I believe that the craft fair has an enormous amount of potential and will someday become as well known to the Los Angeles area as Hollywood, Sunset Blvd., and Venice Beach throughout the world.

If you haven’t checked this place out yet and you are heading to California for a visit or just reside there, DO SO THIS WEEKEND!  It’s a great place to explore, take a date, or  just enjoy the culture that inhabits the Los Angeles area.

Atlanta take note, we definitely need something just as amazing in our city to spotlight our 1000’s of talented artists!



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