Doobious.Org was on hand for the filming of Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday shot in Atlanta and the surrounding areas  in early February. The short was directed by Keith Brooks, co-written by Trevor Garner who also stars as Deadpool in this fan-fiction, and boasted Director of Photography Wes Eastin. This short pays homage to the old school comic book character complete with yellow thought boxes and breaking the fourth wall.

Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday was filmed at the studio space of Atlanta filmmaker John Prew. Prew graciously lent out his space for our film making pleasure along with a random assortment of props that Set Dresser Jennifer Griffin made use of in more than one scene. Brooks made good on his directorial talents with a carefully executed (and organized) plan. His tight-knit unit of crew members worked together to finish several key scenes and the promos for the project. A stunning cast came out to share their talent with the camera and keep the crew amused with their well-delivered lines.

The final weekend of filming took place slightly out of town in a pretty unique location – a glue factory situated directly behind a haunted house. The natural ambiance of the factory created some dynamic background scenery in the shots.

One of the most exciting moments of filming was when resident Atlanta superhero Chris Burns and his wife Miracole stopped by. Burns stepped in for a scene with Deadpool that will serve as the ending of the film. He outdid himself with his improv work on this scene and even though it was only a short clip, there is no doubt that it will be one of the comedic highlights!

And now a word from the director:

1. Doobious: What’s the background on this project? How did it come about?

Keith: Well Trevor and I were writing parts and had just finished working on another short film that we were attempting to turn into a web series. We had a couple ideas of things we wanted to do for a follow up, but the one that kept coming back into our minds was this idea of a slasher flick. It was going to be a feature that was just brutal and bloody, but it would take a lot of lot of work. And we honestly didn’t know if we were ready for that much intensity. We needed to earn our chops a little bit more, and we had always talked about doing some different sort of fan films. Our main goal in that concept was to do justice to the character. So we thought we’d try to cut our teeth on one of those. Since our last project (shot in 2 days with a budget of $500) was a comedy and the feature was going to be super dark, we wanted to find a happy medium and transitioning point. Deadpool served as that perfectly. It had the comedy that we knew how to do, it had violence which we knew how to do, but it also had moments of darkness. That was attractive as a storyteller. It was something fun that we felt had never been done right in the live action medium. There are tons of Deadpool fan films out there, but they only focus on one aspect of the character and leave out so much more that it has to offer. If you read up on the character, he is unlike any other comic book character out there. His fans are die hard, and I thought they deserved to see a proximity to the character they had fallen in love with. That’s where we started from.


2.Doobious: One thing that motivates your creative juices.

Keith: Fresca.


3. Doobious: Favorite part of the filming process.

Keith: It’s seeing things come together. I honestly feel that for the most part, my job was already done when we started shooting. I had the right people on board, and they could carry the show. Maybe that sounds terrible for a director to say, but I’m not the glue that holds it together. They (the cast and crew) are the glue that hold me together. And that’s my favorite part. Filming anything is a strange experience and its hard to explain it to someone who hasn’t done it. But even if you’re only shooting for a day (much less the 6 we did), you feel like you’ve been at summer camp for 4 weeks with these people. You have stories, moments, and hopefully you all come away closer. And that’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the process.


4. Doobious: Describe your reaction when the creator of Deadpool gave you the nod on the idea.

Keith:I peed. A  lot.


5. Doobious: What does Doobious mean to you?

Keith: It means Community. Not the show. But the actual definition. It’s weird that my association with the website itself has overshadowed the actual dictionary definition of the term. But when I think of Doobious, I think of friends willing to help other friends just because they need it. I would be nowhere without Ace, Imoto, Sperling, Sailor, Steve, Kevin, and the whole freaking crew. That glue comment, it applies here too.



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