Friday, February 24, 2012 attended “Ross & Jimmie’s Birthday Bash!!! With The Acorns and Thieves Market” at the WonderRoot. We eagerly awaited the show after recently interviewing The Acorns for a Down Low!

Thieves Market is a band straight out of Athens, Georgia with a rockin chick lead singer.

The main attraction of the night was Atlanta‘s own Acorns. With the powerhouse frontman, Sghetti Head, infamous bassist Bryan Alexander Stuck, birthday drummer Ross Taylor, and the colorful Israel Hernandez, the stage was set for a memorable night. I found out later they were actually filming a music video for their upcoming single, and it was the last night that Alexander is playing before he moves out to Austin, Texas.

The crowd was amped, and you could feel excitement all throughout the building, from the parking lot across the street, to the impressionist porn on display upstairs. I have tried to explain The Acorns music to several of my friends, and yet somehow “fun and endearing” does not explain the catchy folk-punk riffs and throw-your-fist-in-the-air pop melodies.

The Acorns played a red-hot transcendental set, with tunes so celebrated that even if it was your first time hearing them, part of you already knew the words. Everyone was singing along, even Matt Bailey, our photographer, and it was his first time seeing them! The Acorns did a cover of La Roux’s Bulletproof that was ever better than the original, (which just so happens to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures). They performed the crowd favorites, including Wasted, and Jobeth.  We left the show with their music still playing in our heads.

Sghetti announced that Stuck “will regret this move when they are as big as Coldplay.” I will agree that they are going places. You will regret it if you miss their next show! Be a squirrel, get some Acorns. 

Check out some of their music here. 

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