A lively crowd was drawn to The Plaza Theatre on Sunday night. A poster for Ace the Zombie was positioned to the right side of the entrance doors depicting a rather evil zombie clown smiling hysterically. The Doobious crew was instantly intrigued by the design of the image and our veins were brewing with excitement. As we reached for the handle to enter the building, a 7 foot tall zombie completely drenched in blood appeared. He gazed at us with piercing white eyes while sputtering out grunts and groans. Narrowly escaping his grasp, we entered the building. The entrance was swarming with cast and crew members. Zombie lovers lined the walls eagerly awaiting the premiere of Giles Shepherd’s newest masterpiece. The zombie followed us inside the building and the next thing we knew he became the centerpiece for the majority of our photographs. We loved this guy!!

Giles aka “The DeVille” took a few seconds away from the immensely huge line of individuals, who were waiting to shake his hand, to speak with Doobious. He explained to us that he not only directed the film, he was also the principal editor with help from Joshua Gohlke along with his camera operator/director of photography, Rory Gordon. As with most independent films, the crew members wore many different hats on the production, working hard and operating as a team. Richard Hempton, the assistant director/producer, explained to us how many of the zombies in the movie were volunteers, supporting the cause of indie film making. Hempton noted, “The entire process reminded me of a labor of love and I was surprised what people would do for an indie film. All you have to do is ask!”

Mark Drum played the lead role, Allen Christopher Edwards aka Ace. His character was portrayed as a weak nerdy indivdual who was walked all over repetitively by almost everyone in the entire film. His girlfriend Brenda, Toryah Pugh, was overly aggressive towards Ace, taking advantage of his weakness of never saying no. Ace would also do anything to “rescue” her. Ace’s sidekick just so happened to be a zombie named Chad, played by David Haddad. Chad was a bit slow(he is a zombie), but proved to be a loyal friend and follower of Ace. The female lead was Sarah Simmons. Her character, a doctor for zombies, tried to create a serum to prevent the disease that ransacked the whole town, possibly the world. Jevocas Green, Keeper Ellis, pulled off the best performance of the night and was the perfect antagonist of the film. Keeper, with help from his right hand man Stanley, Dan Diaz, tried diligently to prevent Sarah from her goal of finding a cure for the undead all the while pushing for the ultimate annihilation of zombies.

The night ended beautifully with lots of laughter and applauding that filled the entire room. Giles and his crew got to rain in the glory of the success of their premiere, shaking even more hands and receiving an endless amount of pats on the back. What’s in store for Ace the Zombie? Well according to Giles and his producer they are pushing for a world wide release and are in talks with several distribution companies! If you missed the premiere you might be able to sucker Giles into letting you hang out at his pad to check it out, otherwise you will have to wait till it makes its rounds and catch it on DVD!




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